About Us
Welcome to Nagl Manufacturing Co.

Nagl Manufacturing Co. was started by a gentleman named Carl Nagl in the early 1920’s in Omaha, Nebraska, where it remains today.

Nagl Manufacturing Co. provides custom designing, engineering and manufacturing of cosmetic brushes, closures and a proprietary “Flo-Thru” delivery process for the worldwide cosmetic market.

Our philosophy is to earn the right to your business through a commitment to service, quality and on-time delivery. Our hands-on management team, from design and engineering, to our excellent production, quality control and support personnel, accomplishes this commitment.

We are committed to creating a partnership with our customers where our quality manufacturing increases their profitability. From the first inspection of incoming raw materials to the shipment of your finished product, outstanding service and the highest quality are our greatest concerns at Nagl Manufacturing Co.


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